Valli Jones, Clinical Psychologist

Valli Jones, Psychologist


While some psychologists are very model focused, as a person-centred therapist I believe in meeting the client where they are. My approach is empathetic and uses kind and gentle encouragement combined with practical, down-to-earth advice to show people new ways of behaving, engaging and taking care of themselves. My style is holistic and always starts with the foundations: good routines around sleep, good diet and lifestyle, social support and self-care.

Helping children and young people grow

I am the mother of two children and love to be part of the growth and development of other children and young people. Within my work, I have a particular interest in autism in girls and women.

Before private practice

Before beginning in private practice I worked in a variety of settings including disability services, perinatal care, the school system, unemployment services, and a therapeutic community for substance dependence. I also have a special interest in Autism Spectrum conditions. Each setting I have worked in has taught me unique and valuable lessons about the human condition.

Committed to research

Alongside my client work, I have been also been involved in research examining the effects of anxiety on attention, and the neurocognitive traits associated with treatment retention in a therapeutic community setting. I enjoy the research process, and value the scientific method.

Building parent alliances

My practice now focuses on the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents, which necessarily involves working with parents (also often with teachers and other professionals). I believe the alliance with parents is as important as the alliance with the child and feel strongly that the wellbeing of the parents is just as important as the wellbeing of the young person.

Working beside like-minded professionals

I work closely with like-minded professionals, within a network of holistic practitioners including an integrative GP, naturopath, art therapist, and equine-assisted therapists.

Going above and beyond

I take immense pride in my work, and dedicate myself to the highest standards of care and professionalism. I always go above and beyond for clients, providing highly individualised support. I hold endorsement in the area of Clinical Psychology, and am registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, and am a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Rebecca Kouimanis, Psychologist

I am a registered psychologist who works with families, children, adolescents, adults and couples.

My approach

My approach is warm and about creating a sense of ease that allows people to feel safe working out what they need and making that happen. My many years experience working with parents and families and those dealing with trauma has allowed me to develop an approach that makes the whole process less confronting. I work from a client-centred relational and attachment framework that is both gentle and effective. Kindness and compassion is at the centre of everything I do.

Expressive therapies

In conjunction with evidence-based approaches, part of my work can use expressive therapies such as symbolism, imagery, sand-tray, storytelling, music and drama to help people foster growth, development and healing.

Parent programs

In addition to providing support to parents in private practice, I run parent programs. These help carers develop more mindfulness in parenting, while also prioritising their own self-care. I never want to make parents feel put down or inadequate. Instead, these programs support parents in recognising the things they are doing well while also learning new ways of dealing with challenging behaviour and maintaining warm family connections.

Jo-Anne Puggioni, Art Therapist

I am a qualified art therapist who provides a safe place for clients to express themselves and explore through art therapy.

My approach

My approach is all about unconditional positive regard and giving people the space they need to give expression to their inner world. I have a non-judgmental and accepting manner that makes clients feel at ease, especially if they are nervous that they don’t have many art skills.

My working day

My working day usually involves providing individual and group art therapy and I approach all of my work with a warm, friendly and welcoming attitude.

My clients

I work with women wanting to focus on self care, self compassion and well being as well as kids and teens. I have a special interest in people on the Autism Spectrum and those looking for new ways to manage anxiety and depression.

My qualifications

I gained a qualification as an Art Therapist and hold an Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy. I am a member of the Australian Counselling Association and continue to study.

Dr. Kate Shapland

Kate has a passion for empowering people to heal themselves.
Over her 30 years as a GP she has explored many different modalities. She is particularly excited about Emotional Freedom Technique as it is something you can learn easily and do yourself at the time of the triggering event. This means that progress in releasing old patterns can be accelerated.
Our local Gold Coast Dr Peta Stapleton has many evidence based articles on her website and Kate encourages you to check this out for further information.
Introductory sessions with Kate are $120 for 50 minutes. At 9am, 10am and 11 am on Friday mornings. $300 for a course of 3 sessions which can be spread over 2 months


About our space

The physical environment can play an important part in helping people feel safe. Our space is beautiful, relaxing and cosy and designed to put people immediately at ease.

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